Stress Management

Most everyone suffers from stress. The American Psychological Society cites that 77% of people suffer from physical symptoms associated with stress and 73% with psychological symptoms. Workplace stress is the 5th biggest cause of mortality being attributed to 120,000 deaths occurring each year in the United States.

What we need is a better understanding of stress to mitigate the physiological impact stress has on us at a cellular level.


Stress is part of life and we couldn't do without it. We need to remember this. Ultimately stress is a sign post. One that is telling us we need to pay attention to something. Stress can help us focus our attention and gives us energy, when we manage it in the right way. Stress is telling us to take action, however many people stay in the freeze or flee response feeling paralyzed or powerless to affect their situation.


Too much stress over time wears people down and leads to burnout. Endless information, distractions, incessant change, uncertainty, unsavory bosses or coworkers and time pressures are a few reasons people feel stress and pressure at work. When you couple this with wearing multiple hats as a parent, carer, partner, volunteer or suffering health or financial challenges then the capacity to handle stress becomes further strained.

Most people are unaware of the level of control they have on their stress. It's your inner dialogue that dictates your response - good, bad or otherwise. When you render yourself powerless to your stressors then the stress increases.

Oftentimes people place unrealistic expectations on themselves or others. Perfectionism or having a high need to control are risk factors for stress.

Ways to manage stress include understanding your subconscious programming, becoming increasingly self aware, reframing, exercise, improving sleep habits, and breath practices to name a few. While it is not an overnight fix, it is possible to get some quick relief with some simple strategies.

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Meet Vivien

Vivien Hudson is an authentic leader who has dedicated 25 years of her career as a pharmacist, 30 years as an entrepreneur, and many years as a leadership coach. She has a keen eye on stress and its impact. Her extensive background in healthcare empowers her to advocate for self-care, craft a fulfilling life, and create workplaces that thrive in the true sense of the word.

Her blend of business and people savvy and deep emotional intelligence have come from getting raw and real with herself. It's in the darkness of our shadows that we find our own light. As a speaker, Viv doesn't speak at you, but speaks to you. She's knowledgeable about life in all its facets and what it means to live a good one.

Vivien believes that everyone should go to work each day with a desire to do good work and live a good life. Creating this has a recipe, and she's determined to help others achieve it. Managing stress, balance, communication, fostering self-leadership, and cultivating a work environment that encourages balance are the cornerstones for success.

Vivien has a unique blend of business acumen and emotional intelligence that makes her a relatable speaker. She is knowledgeable in stress management, well-being, leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, and developing self-awareness.

​​Services she offers include keynote speeches that dive deep into well-being, meeting facilitation, corporate wellness initiatives, and team-building workshops that transform leaders and their teams. She utilizes Predictive Index - a powerful people tool, leadership, executive and transformational coaching and advocates for a new way of looking at work-life balance

Workshops and presentations are customized to each client for length, theme, interaction, and messaging.

Vivien has earned numerous credentials and is widely knowledgeable on stress, health, and communication and leadership. She is also acutely interested in personal development through self-awareness as a tool to elevate life and leadership potential.

Qualifications include: Previously Licensed Pharmacist, Master of Business Adversity, Certified Professional Coach, Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant, Neuro-Link Brain Fitness Practitioner, MBTI, NLP Master Practitioner, Virtual Facilitator, Coach and Producer, and Health Coach. Vivien currently volunteers with Junior Achievement and SCORE.

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